About us

Established in London, UK in 2003 with just one photographer, Matisse, the demand for quality art quickly grew with magazine and fashion hype becoming the normal after each shoot.

After 3 years in London, Matisse opened his first New York based studio and employed two additional professional photographer friends to assist in his vision of beauty.

The team now consists of photographers from around the world and also allows for uploads from quality freelance and amateur photographers.

Every person deserves to feel empowered, self-confident, and desirable.

A boudoir, glamour or artistic nude session with Artifille will change the way you see yourself, make you feel beautiful and empowered, and will provide you with the most gorgeous photographs of yourself you have ever seen.

Not only that, but if you feel you have what it takes we can pay you on average $2000USD per shoot, per day to quality talent.
If you do please contact us and we will organise a shoot for you, no matter where in the world you are.

We do not limit ourselves to women only, men too are welcome and encouraged to join our free, premium quality art photography world.

So come on and get in contact with us.

Let's see you soon!

man wearing black top
man wearing black top

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We take stolen images very seriously, our site while containing mostly images taken by our photographers also contains images submitted by freelance photographers and amateur photographers. If you see am image that belongs to you or shows you, please let us know below as soon as possible so we can remove it from our site.